1-minute Guide to install Google Calendar on Windows 10 PC

1-minute Guide to install Google Calendar on Windows 10 PC

It was 11 pm in the night and I was about to pack-up my day and go to sleep. I was about to push the Power button. But then it hit me.

I realised I wasted much of my day watching useless YouTube videos and doing random Google Searches instead of focusing on my business and writing. What’s scarier is- It wasn’t just that day’s scenario. This often happened to me.

So now I took the decision that I needed a Calendar app to plan my days and tasks well ahead (So that I don’t fall into this loop again.). And Google Calendar came out to be the obvious choice.

But the installation of App was not a breeze as there is no official Google Calendar program for PC.(and Windows’ native calendar app sucks! Literally.)

So I decided I should show you the way I Installed Google Calendar on my Windows 10 PC. But don’t worry, you should be able to set this up within a minute. That’s my promise.*

*Okay! Conditions apply.!!. I am assuming you are using Chrome Browser and have already logged in to your Google account before starting the Stopwatch.

Excited!!? Let’s Begin.

Step by Step Guide to Install Google Calendar on Windows 10:

Step #1- (5 Seconds)

Go to calendar.google.com and your calendar will get opened.

Step #2- (5 Seconds)

Go to the Customizer on Chrome. (Yes. Those 3 dots located just below the close window button )

Step #3- (10 Seconds)

Hover over to More Tools option and then click on Create Shortcut.

Step #4- (10 seconds)

Rename the Calendar to Whatever name you want. (I like to call it simply calendar.) Also, make sure to check open as window Option so that the calendar opens just like an independent app. Now click “Create”.

Step #5- (10 Seconds)

The original Tab will vanish and Calendar will open in a new Chrome window. (Though it no longer looks like Chrome browser anymore)

Now on the Taskbar, you can see the same Icon as that of Calendar. Go over there and Pin it to the taskbar by right-clicking and then selecting “Pin to Taskbar” option.

Step #6- (10 Seconds)

Voila! You are done. Now you can leave the icon there or drag it to your favourite position on the taskbar( I like them to be near my browsers.).

Step #7- Last step (Optional)- (10 Seconds)

In the whole process, a desktop shortcut with the same name (that you chose in step 4) is created. I like to delete this shortcut to de-clutter my desktop as I can open the calendar anytime from the taskbar as well as Start menu. But if you want it you can leave it as it is.


Can you see how real quick this installation was? You just took a minute to Install Google Calendar on Windows 10 PC. Now take your lazy ass up (Just as I did !! ) and start planning your days and weeks ahead and make yourself a better version of you. All the Best.

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