Best All In One Colour Printers in India

Even Gutenberg, inventor of the printing press would have been perplexed by seeing the development and complexity of modern printers. So your confusion as to which printer to buy is not an unfounded one.

But you need not be confused anymore as here I have compiled a list of 6 Best AIO colour printers for you to choose from. But before moving ahead you should understand these basic terms associated with printers.

Buyer’s Guide:

Choosing the right type:

There are 3 types of colour printer available in the market.

(a) InkJet Printers:

They are the most widely available printers that run on Ink cartridges. Inkjet printers come with two ink cartridges (one black and one multicolour). Once the Cartridge is out of Ink, You have to replace the entire Cartridge.

Inkjet printers are very cheap upfront but the per page print cost is very high, thanks to the exorbitantly priced Ink cartridges. This makes them suitable only for occasional use (my recommendation- 20-30 prints a month). A typical colour printout can cost Rs 5-8.

(b) Ink-Advantage/ Ink-Efficient Printers:

These printers are similar to Inkjet printers but with some technological tweaks. This makes sure that printers use lesser ink for printing and so per print cost is significantly reduced. 

A typical colour print can cost Rs. 3 to 4 and if your printing need is 30-60 pages a month, I recommend going for it.

(c) InkTank Printers:

In spite of the high initial cost, the cheap inks of InkTank Printers result in dirt cheap prints at about 18 to 21 paise per colour print.

InkTank Printers have 4 separate tanks where 4 different inks (Black, Cyan, Magenta and Yellow) are filled. If one ink runs out, just refill the particular ink and you are ready to go.

If your need is more than 60 pages a month, I would definitely recommend going for it. (Even if your need is lesser than that, I would recommend going for InkTank because in future if your needs expand, You would have to bear huge costs of InkJet Cartridges.)

Duty Cycle:

Duty Cycle simply means how much you can print in a month without any errors or jams.

This also means that in case of a warranty claim, If the printer’s company determines that you have been using the printer beyond its duty cycle, they may disallow the warranty to you. So, you should always buy a printer with a monthly duty cycle well beyond your needs to ensure trouble-free operation.

WiFi ability:

If you want to take printouts from multiple devices in your home such as Mobiles, Tablets or more than one PC; Or

If you want a common Printer for multiple computers at your office, you should definitely look for a variant offering Wifi ability. This ensures fewer wires and therefore lesser hassles. 

The problem of Clogging:

In InkJet as well as Inktank printers if you don’t use them often, the ink gets dried at the printhead and blocks the printing nozzles. This is known as clogging.

To stay away from this problem make sure you use your printer at least once a week and also use the printer’s self-cleaning cycle (If available) once every month.

And here is the list for 6 Best All in One Colour printers in India.

Occasional Home Use

#1 HP DeskJet 2131 All-in-One Inkjet Colour Printer (Best For Occasional Home Use)

HP Deskjet 2131’s high printing costs make it a good machine for occasional printing needs. Such as- School projects of kids and once in a while printing. 

HP 2131 takes HP 803 Ink Cartridges. A black Cartridge cost about Rs. 900 and gives 190 prints whereas a Multicolour Cartridge costs about 1100 and can churn out 160 pages. Thus making Avg B/W print of ₹ 4.8 and a colour print of ₹ 6.6.

HP DeskJet 2131 comes with a 1-year onsite warranty or 12,000 pages (Duty Cycle – 1000 per month) whichever is earlier.


  • Compatible with Mac OS.
  • Low upfront cost.


  • No WiFi Functionality.
  • Manual Duplex Printing

#2 HP DeskJet 2622 All-in-One Wireless Colour Inkjet Printer (Best For Occasional Home use with WiFi)

HP DeskJet 2622 is almost identical to HP Deskjet 2131 except the fact that this machine comes with Wifi connectivity thus giving it an extra edge over the latter.

HP Deskjet 2622 is compatible with Mac and Linux OS apart from Windows. It also has Wifi ability with which you can print seamlessly from multiple devices within the same network. 

HP Deskjet 2622 uses the same HP 803 Cartridge and thus produces the same per print cost of Rs. 4.8 for Black and White and Rs. 6.6 for a colour print.

HP DeskJet 2622 comes with a 1-year onsite warranty or 12,000 pages (Duty Cycle – 1000 per month) whichever is earlier


  • Wifi Connectivity
  • Compatible with Mac OS.


  • Manual Duplex Printing

Regular Home use/ College Students

#3 Canon Pixma E477 All-in-One Wireless Ink Efficient Colour Printer (Best for Regular use/ College Students)

Canon Pixma E4177 printer’s moderate per print cost makes it ideal for Regular home use or for college students who want to save a visit to the Xerox shop.

Canon Pixma E477 uses PG-47 (Black) and CL-57 (Colour) Cartridges that costs about Rs. 600 and Rs. 950 respectively. A Black cartridge can print 400 pages whereas a colour one prints about 300. Thus making average costs of Rs. 1.5 (Black) and Rs. 3.2 for colour.

Canon Pixma E477 is compatible with Mac OS. It also boasts Wifi ability to ensure wireless printing from any device within the network.

Canon Pixma E477 doesn’t support Auto-Duplex printing and although no information is available regarding the duty cycle, it is safe to assume it as 1000 page per month as this is the standard figure for this price range.

Canon gives a 1-year warranty on Canon Pixma E477.


  • Compatible with Mac Os
  • Wifi Connectivity


  • No Auto Duplex printing

#4 HP DeskJet 5075 All-in-One Ink Advantage Wireless Colour Printer with Duplex Printing (Best for Duplex Printing Needs)

HP DeskJet 5075 should be your choice if you want a printer with Auto Duplex printing capability. Printing on both sides of paper not only saves paper cost but also make lesser bulky and handy notes for student’s needs.

Apart from normal Wifi capability, HP DeskJet 5075 has Wifi-direct functionality with which you can connect your Computer, Mobile or Tablet device directly to the printer without needing a Wifi router.

HP DeskJet 5075 takes in HP 680 Cartridges which cost about Rs. 700 each for a Black and White and a Colour Cartridge. While a B&W Cartridge gives 480 prints, a Colour one produces 150 colour prints. This makes per B&W print at Rs. 1.5 and colour print at Rs. 4.7. 

HP DeskJet 5075 comes with standard 1-year warranty having a duty cycle of 1250 pages a month. (15000 pages a year)


  • Automatic Duplex printing.
  • Wifi Enabled with Wifi Direct Technology.
  • Above standard 1250 page duty cycle


  • Slightly higher per print cost
  • Premium-priced.

Small Office

#5 Canon Pixma G2012 (For Small Office)

Canon Pixma G2012 is a heavy duty Printer ideal for your small office/ Home office needs. 

G2012 runs on ink Tank technology and therefore gives you really cheap colour and B/O printouts. A Black Ink bottle (GI-790)costs around Rs 500 and gives about 6,000 prints while 3 CMY bottles aggregately cost Rs 1500 and produce 7000 colour prints. Thus making per print cost at about 8 paise (Black & White), 21 paise (Colour). 

Moreover, Canon is giving 2 extra bottles of Black Ink thus making your first 18,000 Black/ white prints absolutely free.

Canon Pixma G2012 also comes with an LCD panel with which you can perform multiple Copy and Scan operations.

However, Don’t buy If you are looking for a printer for your Mac device as G2012 is not compatible with Mac OS and absence of WIfi ensures that you cannot improvise the connection with your computer.

G2012 comes with a 1-year onsite warranty with a recommended duty cycle of 1250 pages a month. 


  • Costs almost equal to Ink-Efficient printers
  • Extremely Cheap Printing costs.
  • 2 extra Black ink bottles are extremely cost saving.


  • Not compatible with Mac OS
  • No Wifi Functionality
  • Prints on Photo papers are prone to smudging.

Alternative Option:

If you want a Printer for Mac OS, then go for the HP 310 AIO Inktank Colour printer.

Its specifications are almost identical to Canon G2012 except for the Mac OS compatibility and 2 additional ink bottles that Cannon is giving for free.

Also, It comes with a slightly lower per month duty cycle of 1,000 pages.

#6 Canon Pixma G3000 All-in-One Wireless Ink Tank (For Small Office with WiFi)

If you are looking for a Wifi enabled printer for your Small Office/ Home Office needs, Canon Pixma G3000 is a perfect fit for you.

Canon is giving 2 extra bottles of Black ink with this model too so this gives you 18000 B&W prints absolutely free.

Armed with Wifi direct, you can use the printer directly from your computer or mobile device without a wireless router. This will ensure that there is a lesser burden on your Wireless Router.

Apart from having Wifi, Canon Pixma G3000 is fully compatible with Mac OS. So connecting your MacBook will not be difficult for you.

Canon Pixma G3000 uses the same ink bottle (GI-790) as the Canon Pixma G2012 and gives the similar number of prints per bottle. Thus the cost per print is also equal at 8 paise for B&W and 21 paisa for a colour print.

Canon Pixma G3000 doesn’t support Auto duplex printing and It comes with an onsite warranty of 1-year or 15,000 pages. (Duty Cycle – 1250 pages per month)


  • Compatible with Mac OS
  • Wifi Compatible with Wifi Direct technology.
  • 2 extra Black ink bottles are extremely cost saving.


  • Manual Duplex printing.
  • Prints on Photo papers are prone to smudging.

Too Long; Didn’t Read? 

Okay. So If you want a printer that stays at home all the time and a couple of prints and scans are taken every now and then, then go for HP DeskJet 2622.

Auto duplex printing saves a lot of hassle (and paper). So for regular home use or for student-specific needs, you should buy HP DeskJet 5075.

And for your office needs, the Canon Pixma G3000 InkTank printer is the best choice in sub 10,000 range.

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